Gordillo, Gabriel J.

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Profesor adjunto


CONICET: Investigador Independiente


Licenciatura en Química, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1976

Doctorado en Química, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1985

Postdoc: University of Liverpool, 1992 - 1994


Áreas de interés:

  • Electroquímica interfacial
  • Nanotecnología
  • Bioelectroquímica
  • Electroanálisis

Publicaciones seleccionadas:

  • Advanced analysis for electrode kinetic studies of surface reactions by applying square-wave voltammetry
    Cecilia Bonazzola; Gabriel J. Gordillo
    Electrochimica Acta; Lugar: Amsterdam; Año: 2016
  • Interactions of Gold Nanoparticles with a Phospholipid Monolayer Membrane on Mercury
    Gabriel J. Gordillo; Zeljka Krpetic; Mathias Brust
    ACS NANO; Lugar: Washington; Año: 2014 vol. 8 p. 6074 – 6080
  • Water Defects Induced By Expansion And Electrical Field In Dmpc And Dmpe Monolayers: Contribution Of Hydration And Confined Water
    Hugo Almaleck; Gabriel J. Gordillo; Aníbal Disalvo
    Colloids And Surfaces B-Biointerfaces; Lugar: Amsterdam; Año: 2013 vol. 102 p. 871 – 878
  • Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Redox Chemistry on Gold Nanoparticles Journal of The American Chemical Society
    Mathias Brust;  Gabriel J. Gordillo
    Lugar: Washington; Año: 2012 vol. 134 p. 3318 – 332
  • The effect of temperature and concentration on the corrosion inhibition mechanism of an amphiphilic amido-amine in CO2 saturated solution
    Desimone, Mariela; Gordillo Gabriel J.; Simison, Silvia
    Corrosion Science; Año: 2011
  • The influence of organic ligands on the adsorption of cadmium by suspended matter in natural waters studied by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry and electrochemical methods
    Minaberry Yanina; Gordillo Gabriel J.
    Chemosphere; Lugar: Amsterdam; Año: 2010 vol. 78 p. 1356 - 1361
  • Adsorption and reduction of palladium–dimethylglyoxime complex
    Ramírez Silvana A.; Gordillo Gabriel J.
    Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry; Lugar: Amsterdam; Año: 2009 vol. 629 p. 147 - 151
  • Nanowire manipulation on surfaces through electrostatic self-assembly and magnetic interactions
    Bellino Martín G.; Calvo, Ernesto J.; Gordillo Gabriel J.
    Physica Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letters; Lugar: Weinheim - Alemania; Año: 2008 vol. 3 p. 1 - 3
  • Complexing capacity of natural waters carrying a great amount of suspended matter
    Minaberry Yanina; Gordillo Gabriel J.
    Chemosphere; Lugar: Amsterdam; Año: 2007 vol. 69 p. 1465 - 1473
  • Electrochemistry of Lumiflavin Adsorbed at Mercury Acidic Aqueous Solution Interface
    Cecilia Bonazzola; Gabriel Gordillo
    Journal Of Electroanalytical Chemistry; Lugar: Amsterdam; Año: 2007 vol. 599 p. 356 - 366


  • Química Física I (materia de grado)
  • Química Física II (materia de grado)
  • Electroquímica (materia de grado y posgrado)
  • Química General e Inorgánica (materia de grado)



  • Determinación de la proporción Fe(II)/Fe(III) en inyectables de hierro sacarosa por técnicas electroquímicas. Ind. Farmacéutica 2005-2009